Vernard Alexander has many years of experience as an Educator. He
also has Workforce Development experience. Vernard is active in
helping people "Network" for the future. Vernard has a high motivation to
help minorities realize the dream of "Entrepreneurship". With positive
feedback from current and future Entrepreneurs, Vernard decided to
create MNE, Inc. MNE, Inc will begin operating in the Summer of 2006.
Vernard recently earned a Master Degree in Curriculum & Instruction
(Adult Education) from Point Park University.

Why did I create the Minority Networking Exchange, Inc.

I created the MNE, Inc. because of my concern about the retention of
minority owned businesses. I wanted to create an organization that
would provide a support system to business owners. Pittsburgh needed
a new organization that would address networking opportunities. The
MNE, Inc. will provide multiple events per month. These events will
create opportunities for collaboration, learning and revenue. My vision is
for the members of the MNE, Inc. to become the vocal leaders of the
black community. As business owners and leaders - We must provide
mentorship opportunities for our youth. Teach them that they too can
become Entrepreneur’s!
Our Mission
The Minority Networking Exchange Inc.,
strives to increase the amount of successful
minority owned businesses in the Greater
Pittsburgh area and the United States!
Contact us:

Vernard Alexander
 President/ C.E.O.
The Minority Networking Exchanging, Inc.
About US/Membership
The Minority Networking Exchange, Inc. Membership Application Form

Telephone:_______________________Cell Phone:_______________________
Major Product/Service________________________________________________
Description of business and/or service (25 words or less_____________________

Type of Membership:

____Business Owner  ____Professional  ___Non Profit    ____Corporate Sponsor

____Partnering Company

Enclosed is my check for annual membership dues in the amount of $__________.
I understand this covers the membership period of one-year and is renewable on the
anniversary of that date. (Payable to the Minority Networking Exchange, Inc).

Referred By:______________________________________

Type of Membership:

Internet Only       $25.00  (Business must be located at least 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh).

Business Owners                    $75.00

Professionals                           $85.00

Non Profit Organizations          $125.00

Corporate Sponsors                $500.00

The annual membership fee covers free admission to the Breakfast, lunch and book club
events. Some events may require a nominal fee. Contact us for more information.

Remember:                “Networking is the KEY to SUCCESS”.
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